Amy Mantis


She Belongs To Me - Bob Dylan

Hats off to everyone who has ever served in uniform today. We owe you.

I haven't made my way through ARTPOP yet.  At one point in my life I had a Lady GaGa cover band.  It was incredible, albeit short-lived. 

Anyway.  Today is about Bob Dylan. 

I'm pretty sure he wrote a song about me in a past life. 

A while back I was listening to Bringing It All Back Home  for the first time in a long time.  "She Belongs To Me" is the second track and when it came on, it stopped me dead in my tracks:


Let's see...I'm an artist, I don't look back, I've been known to be a heartbreaker (probably shouldn't advertise that one), while I do stumble, I rebound quick, I've finagled my way out of encounters with the law, and, this is where the deal is sealed for me, I have an Egyptian ring.  If I didn't have the ring, totally different story, but I have one!  And people comment on it.  And I would love a drumset for Christmas.

And the song is a blues. 

Oh, Bobby, you speak to me.  And you know me so well.