Amy Mantis


Thoughts on Lessons

I have to go teach a lesson in 10 minutes but I wanted to write before it was late.

I'm a huge proponent of guitar lessons not because I'm a teacher, but because I think having someone to guide you a little along the way is a good thing.  I'm speaking from my own experiences, but I had some of the most incredible guitar teachers in my life.  From Julien Kasper to Bob Thompson to Tom Hall, I honestly cannot say enough good things about them as teachers and about guitar lessons.

Some people prefer to teach themselves, and by all means, go for it if you can do.  Most people need some type of external motivation.  2013 is the first year that I haven't had a guitar lesson since my first lesson in January of 2004 (it's not too late for me).  But I won't ever outgrow lessons because I know I will never know everything there is to know about the guitar or music.