Amy Mantis


Embracing the Voice

I was tired, then I fell asleep for about 15 minutes at the end of SNL and now I'm not tired.  Oops.

One thing I've never been enthralled with in the solo acoustic world is how...not stripped down because I love that.  I don't like the inability to rock out - not that I can't rock out acoustically (believe me, i can), but it's different.  You get something with a band that you don't get by yourself, no matter who you are.

For a while I felt like my voice wasn't strong enough to carry a band.  It probably wasn't, but I also wasn't embracing my voice for what it was.  I'm starting to embrace my voice for what it is more and more.  And through embracing it, I've tapped into a new source of creative energy.  It's cool.  I still have a ways to go, but singing has definitely positively impacted my writing.

I think it was George Harrison or Tom Petty who once said that he thought he had to sound like Frank Sinatra.  Then he realized he didn't have to, and he never would, so he embraced his voice for what it is and moved on.  Either way, it worked out well for both of them.