Amy Mantis


Starting Up - Again

I'll be honest, for a brief while I was somewhat indifferent towards Canary.  After Alex left (he's on a cruise playing piano), I wasn't too excited about having to find another piano player.  Canary has gone through a lot of people.  We're going on bassist number five and keyboardist number two, and we're currently on singer number three and drummer number three.  I'm the last woman standing, and for a while I was the last woman sitting.

A lot of people have been asking when our next show is or what's going on with the band.  Right now our next show is to be decided, and as for what's going on, well, I'm waiting on some mixes from Brian Packer.  And we need to rehearse (and solidify a bassist at the very least, maybe a keys player - hopefully a key player too).  And then we need to finish recording.  And then probably record more.  And play more shows.

And write more.  Hopefully more together.  As much as I love being able to go into a room with a guitar and come out with something by myself, I love working with other people.  That, more than anything else, will keep a band together.  Well, that consisten work and money.

But it's harder than you'd think.  Or maybe it isn't.  Maybe it is hard.  Having been the primary writer and idea person for a while now, it doesn't feel hard anymore.

I miss playing in the band.  I'm thoroughly enjoying my solo endeavors, but I love playing in a band just as much, if not more, that it's definitely time to get it back together. 

As I say in my Canary newsletter sign off, we'll see you at the shows.