Amy Mantis


Band To Check Out: Tommy & The High Pilots

One of the bands I stumbled upon at SXSW this past year was Tommy & The High Pilots from Santa Barbara, California.  It was a happy accident.  I was waiting for another show to start and walked into the bar next door while I was waiting.  I was immediately struck by the band on stage.  I asked a man (who turned out to be their manager) what band was playing.  Tommy & The High Pilots.

If you like the Killers, you'd like Tommy & The High Pilots.  Their live show is incredible.  Tommy oozes charisma.  He's a natural showman.  I loved their set so much at SXSW that I found out when they were playing next at SXSW and went to that show as well.  Allen Stone jumped on stage with them.  It was awesome.

Tommy & The High Pilots mix pop elements with rock and Americana.  Great lyrics, strong melodies, and they make you wanna dance!  What more could you want?  And they're easy on the eyes.

I saw them in Cambridge last weekend at the Middle East Upstairs.  It was a cold Sunday afternoon show and they made it feel like a hot Friday night show.

My favorite songs are "Devil To Pay," "Only Human," and their cover of the Talking Heads' song "This Must Be The Place."

Give 'em a listen on Spotify.
Their website is here.