Amy Mantis


Open Mic Challenges

I made it to the final round of the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge again last night!  So did my friend Drew Lucas.  Neither of us won - Jenna Paone (she is really good) took home the prize.  One of these nights will be my night.

I love playing at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic.  It's one of the most supportive rooms I have ever performed in.  And the other performers are usually all off the scale.  It's really an honor to get called back up for the final round.  Not to be all Taylor Swift-y and be like "Oh my gosh this is so unexpected!" but in this arena, solo performance, it is unexpected.

I try to perform at least one brand new song each week.  It keeps my chops up songwriting wise.  And it expands my catalog by at least 52 songs a year.  How cool is that?  I'm a believer in writing as much as possible.  I think I'm more likely to hit something great that way.  Inspiration is all around anyway.  No need to wait for it.

Here's one of the songs I played last night.  This is the demo of it.  I also played "World Keeps Spinning" and my last song was "A Fool Like Me," which I'm not sure I've posted yet.  It'll appear soon. 

Here is "Demons or Rattles," recorded live via my iPhone: