Amy Mantis



I hate when I have a really good chord progression going but no lyrics to dance on top of it.

I've been approaching writing with a lot more discipline these days.  And it's paying off for sure.  Jackson Browne used to (I don't know if he still does, but he might) wake up, make a cup of tea, and write.  And write.  And write. 

Art requires discipline.  There are times where I go wild and find something amazing, but eventually I've gotta sit down and wrestle with it after I get the core right.  Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes it takes months.

So, that being said, I gotta get back to my guitar.  This has been fun, and I will talk to you soon. 

Oh, and as soon as I get the songs I played at the Lizard Lounge (the live recordings (you've heard the demos)) , I'll post them.