Amy Mantis



I saw the musical We Will Rock You last night.  It was awesome.  How can it be bad?  It's Queen's music set to a story about how the world has turned into a homogenized technological world and two rebels (and a group of Bohemians) have discovered that there used to be rock n roll and they have to bring it back.  The story is silly, but the music and the singing is incredible.  The leads were fantastic - no Freddie Mercury, but he's untouchable.

For all my acoustic playing as of late, I'm always gonna be a rocker.  I'm listening to the Balconies right now, a Canadian band with a powerhouse front woman/guitar slinger.  She's amazing - the band is amazing.  I saw them at SXSW and was instantly in awe.  You will be too

But anyway.  Between Queen and the Balconies and AC/DC being in my dream last night, I realize how much I miss rocking out.  I still play a loud distorted guitar in my apartment, but I'm talking about the drenched-in-sweat-in-a-dive-bar type of rocking out.  Leaning-up-against-another-bandmate rocking out.  Extended-guitar-solo rocking out.

I gotta get back to doing that.  All the songs I play acoustic are completely adaptable (and designed for, ultimately) to full band.

So let's get rocking! (again!)