Amy Mantis


Throwback (I Know it's Not Thursday)

Eleven days later, I finally got around to chopping up the recording of my show on the 30th.  I'll post most of the songs eventually, but I'm gonna start with a classic song of mine.  Really it's Canary's, but I wrote it.  It's "Handsome Stranger" acoustic with yours truly on vocals.

It's weird, I play so few Canary songs despite having written all of them.  After hearing my singers sing them for such a long time, I find it hard to sing them.  They're mine nonetheless, but in some ways my voice doesn't suit them because I never intended to have my voice suit them, you know?  I used to write with my singer in mind, not myself.  That's the biggest difference in my writing in the past year.  The songs are no longer designed for me not to sing - they're designed for me to sing.  Yes, Brooke can sing them too, but so can I.  And that's the difference.

"Handsome Stranger" is one of the few songs of the early-ish Canary era that I feel I can do justice to - at least on an acoustic guitar.  Full band is a different story.  But I'll get there some day.

Here's the tune: