Amy Mantis


"But I don't like it."

Something I'm getting into the habit of doing is listening to music that I don't really like.  Why am I doing this?  For a number of reasons, and it's something I should have done more of when I was younger (like everything else).

It's one thing to say "I don't like it" and leave it at that.  But to be able to articulate why I don't like it is a valuable skill.  I've always been appreciative of music that I didn't enjoy.  I think musicians in general are empathetic towards other musicians because we know how much work was involved in a recording or a show or a song or anything.

The more I dive into music, the more I appreciate it.  There's almost always something to appreciate or enjoy - be it a riff, song structure, production, or otherwise - in music you may not typically enjoy listening to.