Amy Mantis


Show Up / Failure

You would never know that I cleaned my room 12 hours ago.  I don't know what happens...My stuff explodes everywhere.


I performed at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic tonight, and my dear friend Drew Lucas won!  I missed his first set, but he was called up to play again and he took it home!

And to think that he almost didn't go.  I texted him asking him if he was going and he wasn't sure, didn't really want to, but he did - and he won.

Moral of the story?  Show up.  If you don't throw your hat in the ring, you have zero chances of winning.  Will you always win?  No.  Should you always prepare to win?  Yes.  Every athlete wants to hit the ball, make the basket, PR, score a goal every time she gets the ball.  Does she always get what she wants?  No.  Does it stop her?  It shouldn't..

You will fail, and that's okay.  Failing happens to everyone.  Don't be afraid of failing.  Is it desirable?  No.  But don't be afraid of failure (easier said than done, I know).

Be afraid of not showing up.  Actually, don't be afraid of not showing up.

Just show up.