Amy Mantis


Contemplating My Options

I can't talk about how much other artists and songwriters spend thinking about who they want to be as an artist, but I can tell you that lately I've been thinking a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses as an artist, as a songwriter.  I'm a bit of a late bloomer, for better or worse, so I'm not surprised at questioning my direction.  Questioning is the wrong word.  As is direction.  I'm not questioning my direction.  I'm...contemplating my options.

All of this goes back to pivoting.  Can I be everything I want to be musically?  Yes, I can.  The question is what do I want to be?  I've always looked at life as a trial by fire.  Try something, succeed or fail, and try again.  Ten years ago I was writing pop punk songs. Did it work?  At the time, yeah, I'd say they did.  They didn't make it past my bedroom door, but I was proud of them.  Or at least one of them.  It took me a year to write what I thought was a decent song.  And it took five years for me to write a song that I thought was great and playable in public.  I played a few of my early songs live, but it wasn't until I wrote a song called "Sleepless In The City" did I really think I was decent at this.

I wrote "Sleepless" at 18.  I started playing guitar and writing at 13.  Five years is a long time at those ages.  Clearly I'm in it for the long haul.

I was gonna write something long, but then I realized if I spent less time thinking about things and just doing them (trial by fire), I could probably get a lot more done.  You can too.

That being said, I'm outta here.  I really need to implement a time limit for these posts.