Amy Mantis


Detour: Figure Skating

Trying to stay on track.  I went out with friends to see the US National Skating Championships tonight.  As a former figure skater (I was never anywhere close to the caliber of the girls tonight), it was a lot of fun to see these young girls compete for a spot on the Olympic Team.  This really has nothing to do with music, but sports and music have a lot of similarities.  (Everything can be related to everything.)

For some, this was their last chance at the dream.  For others it was the first of many chances (there were several 15 year old competitors out there).  You could tell when someone felt great about her performance.  One competitor in particular, Grace Gold, blew the roof off the place.

Scoring in figure skating is different than other sports.  I asked the girl next to me who was a figure skater how it worked and she explained that each element of the routine has a base value and the judges add or subtract points from the base value.  She said a really good score is somewhere in the 60s.  Gracie Gold (very fitting last name) scored either a 71 or a 72!  It was awesome.  She nailed her performance.  It's like when we musicians nail a performance or a recording - we know.  She knew.  I don't think she knew how amazing she was until she saw her score but she had some idea in the moment that she was doing well.

Tonight made me excited for the Olympics.  Two or three of the competitors tonight will be in Sochi in a few weeks.  How wild is that?