Amy Mantis


Our Bodies Are Our Instruments

God I have been bad lately.  In total I'm 72 posts behind schedule.  Time to get to work.

First of all, thanks and welcome to my new followers!  I'm excited to have you here.  You have about as much of an idea as I do as to what comes next here.  Wild times.

I've been dealing with left leg issues pretty much my entire life.  (Warning - this gets kind of gross) It started with a bunion and surgery about four years ago.  I was fine for a while and my left foot is in great shape except for some scar tissue on my plantar fascia.  It's just that my left knee is not.  Whether that's a result of atrophied muscles from surgery or my own carelessness (or both), I don't know.  I've been in physical therapy for it and it's been helping.  I went to see a doctor recently and he wants me to get an MRI.  I basically said no for a couple of reasons.  The biggest reason being...I don't want surgery.  I know I'm jumping to the worst right away, but I'm afraid that this is what'll happen.

But at the same time, on the flip side, I don't want to be a gimp forever by wearing and tearing on something that I can and should have fixed.  After all, our bodies are our instruments - and we only get one.  We should take care of them.  And I do.  I eat well, I'm in good shape, I drink a lot of water and not a lot of alcohol.  I don't smoke anything and unlike my rockstar heroes, I'm not into heavy drugs.  I took care of one problem that I knew would get worse as I got older.  So why don't I want to take care of another?  And I may not even need surgery.  And if I did it'd be arthroscopic.

Everything is connected.  My knee impingement affects my hip and my ankle which affects me entire left leg and hip which affects my back and my posture and, well, you get the idea.  The physical also affects the mental.  By fixing my knee, I do a lot more than just fix my knee.  Like with my foot - it felt great to take care of it.  I know that the worst case scenario with getting my knee checked out is WAY better than not getting it checked out and having something worse happen to it over time.

I think I just talked myself into scheduling an MRI.  I also had the help of a friend who inspired the title of this post.  Thanks, Jack.