Amy Mantis


Inside Llewyn Davis

I liked Not Fade Away better, but Inside Llewyn Davis is a really great movie about the harsh realities of being a musician with every bit of potential and promise as the next guy and with as many obstacles as them too.  It's a week in the life of Llewyn.  A bit of a self-involved jerk who shows glimmers of hope, Llewyn is not unlike many other aspiring artists we all know.

I found Justin Timberlake to be unconvincing, but that's because he's Justin Timberlake.  He's not a sweater-wearing bearded folk singer.  He's too pretty.  His acting is fine as is his singing, but picture...I dunno, but he didn't cut it for me.

If you're into folk music, the life of musicians - the unseen life, I should say, the Coen brothers, and an interesting story, check out the movie.  Oh, and Carey Mulligan is stellar.