Amy Mantis


Fecteau For Biddeford

I had an impromptu dentist appointment to attend to today in Maine.  Actually impromptu is the wrong word - I had forgotten about it until yesterday.  On the bright side, my teeth are great!

I also have to go back to Maine on Saturday for a show.  My friend, Ryan Fecteau, is running for Congress in Maine.  Even if Ryan and I weren't buddies, I'd have offered to support him the best way I know how: music.  This isn't my first political event, nor will it be my last.  And I'm excited!  I'm excited for Ryan.  I'm excited for the prospect of him becoming a congressman.  I think he's an ideal candidate.  Passionate, intelligent, and in it for the right reasons.

I know there's a football game sometime on Saturday (I really don't know what time it's on), but if you're in the area, stop by!  There's gonna be food, music, and awesome people there for an awesome cause.

Fecteau For Biddeford Kickoff Event