Amy Mantis


Dreams (Do Come True)

Last night I saw Fleetwood Mac with Christine McVie and it was easily one of the most magnificent moments of my young life.  I never thought I'd get to see Christine McVie in the flesh KILLING IT BECAUSE SHE IS AMAZING.

Sor-no.  No I'm not sorry.  I've talked about my love for Christine before and I think she is a goddess.  She is the secret weapon of the Mac.

And you could feel it.  The other members of the band couldn't praise her enough last night.  And probably every night.  They opened with "The Chain."  I should say they exploded with "The Chain" because that's what it was.  It was a big happy explosion of their best song with their dream girl, Christine, back behind the keys.  Those harmonies...The song gives me chills.

How confident of a band do you have to be to open with your best song?  Pretty damn confident.  Yes, it's symbolic, but that's immaterial.  To come out guns blazing, saying, "We're back.  We're here now and we're better than ever.  Listen.  And try to contain yourselves."

I did not contain myself.

I'm barely containing myself now.

Christine McVie makes that band work.  Without her something is missing.  And it's drastic.  She's back and I hope she never leaves ever again.

(Wow, my writing got sloppy.)lf