Amy Mantis


Getting My Led Out

Led Zeppelin that is.

Oh! Happy New Year!

I'm going to make this quick because you'll be hearing a lot more from me this year.  I have made a decision (again).

I have decided to learn every Led Zeppelin song in order and post one song each week until I hit the end of their catalog.  The next 20 months or so.  According to my iTunes, there are 85 Led Zeppelin songs, but I know I'm missing a small amount from my library.

Anyway.  From this point forward, starting with "Good Times Bad Times," you will see/hear one Led Zeppelin song each week.  Video, audio, both maybe.  Along with my thoughts and account on the task at hand.  Some will be easy.  I know a bunch as it is.  Some will be less easy.  But the whole thing will be an experience.

Now, I'm off.  I'll see you again real soon - I mean that.

Again, Happy New Year!