Amy Mantis



I think distraction is one of the biggest reasons why we achieve what we want or we don't.  Maintaining focus is not easy, and shiny objects are.  I may have narrowed it down too much, but I think at the heart of it, that's what it is.

For the first time ever, I'm writing this on full screen mode.  I don't know if that changes the quality, but it might change my intention.  And if I'm talking about not being distracted then I should, at the very least, not be distracted.

I don't know if it's possible to eliminate ALL distractions.  There will always be something else you could be doing, there will always be something else that is perceived as better (whether or not it is better is up to you to decided), but I think acknowledging that is a great first step.

And if acknowledging it is the first step, then being okay with it is probably the second.

"Distraction, I know you're there, but I'm doing this.  And I want to be doing this."