Amy Mantis


I'm Not Gonna Make It! Thoughts On Missing One Of My Videos

I suppose if I rushed I could make it, but that's what I've been doing and at 11:40PM, I'm not going to make my deadline.  I have no song prepared in the slightest, and yeah, it's just not going to happen.

I'm a little disappointed in myself, but only because I didn't plan properly.  Nor have I been planning properly.  The majority of my current videos happened at the witching hour.

You know, I can make it - if I keep this short and do part of a song.  I didn't say 101 songs, I said videos.  I can play a riff and make it count, right?  Technically.  So maybe I'll do that - the first part of Hideaway.  I've got 19 minutes - I can make THAT happen because I've been playing it for quite some time.

I know I'm cutting corners.  But only a little bit (as I hear "how you do anything is how you do everything" I KNOW, DEREK SIVERS.  But maybe not this time).