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Live Your Legend Blog Challenge: One Thing I'm Proud Of

Today's post is inspired by Live Your Legend's Blog Challenge.  Live Your Legend was founded by the late Scott Dinsmore, and he was an continues to be an inspiration for many.  Today's prompt is What is one thing you are proud of?

One thing I am proud of is how I was able to get up after the singer of Canary (my band) quit and left us in the lurch.  I was angry for a while, but then I decided to take matters into my own hands and started taking voice lessons at the age of 22 (I'm now 25).  I didn't want to have to be dependent upon a vocalist to have a band because this singer that quit wasn't the first one to do that.

Singing hasn't been the easiest journey for me.  When I started with Rocco (voice teacher, and great musician) in 2013, I had the vocal range of a teaspoon, could hardly sustain notes, and was afraid of what I was doing.  But I stuck with it, and now I'm here today with the vocal range of a tablespoon, a much stronger diaphragm, and just a tiny bit less afraid of what's going on when I sing.  I'm getting ready to record my first* record that I'm not just playing guitar and writing the songs.

I also like to think I've grown as a person from the results of my singer quitting.  I have become more adaptable and accepting of things and people.  I've come to realize that it's really never too late to start something.  At 22, I thought I needed to be successful (to me that meant a sustaining touring band) RIGHT AWAY.  But the space I've been forced to give myself has been a blessing.  It has given me time to prepare better for what's to come next: a sustaining touring band.

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