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Someday I'll remember to be consistent over here.

It's a rainy-ish evening here in Boston.  I've just restrung my guitar, and one of the other things on my to-do list is write a blog post.  I had a really great idea for a post the other day, and I didn't capture it at the time so it has since gone.  It may return, but presently I can't recall what it was.

So I think I'll share some things I have been really enjoying.  They're inspiring, eye-opening, and a whole host of other things (at least to me).  So, here we go:

Good Life Project Podcast.
I legitimately cannot get enough of Jonathan Fields' podcast.  I don't know how I stumbled upon it, but since discovering it less than two weeks ago I've listened to a dozen or so and have really benefitted from the listening of these conversations.  Little ideas, big ideas, inspiration, reassurance, and so much more.

Laura Marling.
Her new album came out yesterday.  Go listen.

Ramit Sethi.
I signed up for one of Ramit's courses, and while I'm taking it a little slower than I should, I'm still seeing results.  You don't have to sign up for a course, but check out his free stuff if you want to see how you can generate more income and if you want a good kick in the pants.

The 100 Foot Journey.
I'm reading it right now.  I'm about 100 pages in and it's so fun for me to dive into another's world again.  I missed fiction.  I'm glad I have it back in my life.

Enjoy your evening!  I'll see you soon.

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