Amy Mantis


Canary's First Future Upcoming Gig!

So as you know, I'm getting the band back together.  First step is acquire band.  Second step is rehearse a lot.  Third step is play a show, and I know where I want that show to be at: the Lilypad in Cambridge.

I have learned a lot over the years as a musician, and I played in a lot of big rooms with not a lot of people for some of those years.  Okay, most of those years.  So, my new plan?  Play tiny places.  It's so simple!

The Lilypad is super cool and it holds 60 people seated, and 93 standing.  I'm confident I can pull in 60 people between the other band members, friends, relatives, friends of friends, folks I sail with, folks I ski with, folks I meet randomly - you get the idea.

So I'm thinking late June or early July for this gig.  That means I better snap to it!

I'll let you know when things are confirmed.

(I really have no idea what I'm doing sometimes.  Nobody else does either.)