Amy Mantis


Meditations On An App

I haven't meditated yet today.  I also forgot to use the app on my phone to time my meditation yesterday, breaking my streak.

Then I realized that I don't need the app to show me that I've meditated for 23 days in a row or whatever it was.  I think it's somewhat backwards that I was dependent-ish upon the app for my meditative practice.  It's counterintuitive that something we've done for thousands of years as human beings was reduced - at least I reduced it - to spending 10 minutes with my iPhone counting down the seconds.  It definitely helped me to be accountable because I didn't want to break the streak.

Until I broke it only because I didn't log it - I still did it.

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit.  Guess what.  It's been more than three weeks, my habit is formed.  The app served its purpose, and I'll probably still use it for guided meditations.  I more or less found it amusing that I was momentarily disappointed by breaking my streak.  Ohhhh, technology.