Amy Mantis


Weekend / Routine

I'm a believer in routines.  I don't always maintain one, but when I do, I'm better.  I'm working on a master routine for the month of May, and mapping out what I want to do in detail over the next 29 days is not that easy.  Simple?  Yes.  But not easy.

And then there are the weekends.  I don't have a traditional 9-to-5 job and I think my general approach to the weekend is different than many of my friends' approaches because I don't have to use it to recoup or relax or party.  I don't have a weekend routine other than on Sundays from April to October there is a fantastic chance that I will be sailing.

I believe in downtime.  I've experienced what no downtime can do to me.  So maybe, for now, my weekend routine is to be free.

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