Amy Mantis


Bye To Daily Posting?

And now the sun is out.  Yay!  We sailed in the rain today, but it was still a great race.

I think the daily posting right now isn't doing anybody a whole lot of good.  I don't have a ton of valuable information to share.  I'm still going to blog very regularly because, for whatever reason, I like doing it and have liked doing it since around 2002/2003.

But there's not a terrible amount of exciting or valuable things to share.  Some blogs have themes, mine doesn't.  And that's okay.  It doesn't really have an audience either (I know there are a few of you out there though!  And I appreciate your patronage!).  So it might be better for us all for me to dial it back a bit and post better and probably more infrequent content.  Sound good?  Sounds good.