Amy Mantis


And Another One Gone / Sailing / The Importance Of Hobbies / Routines

I missed yesterday due to extreme tiredness.  I had been out racing sailboats all morning and afternoon and after I showered I was out like a light at 8PM.

So I start anew today.

I also went sailing today and finally passed my Red Test!  That means I can now sail on the days when the wind is heaviest.  It also means I can now take the tests for all the other boats at Community Boating, and that is awesome.

For a little while, I was kind of anti-hobbies.  I wanted to focus ONLY on Canary.  That backfired.  I think I put too much pressure and expectation on myself to make the band succeed.  I didn't party a lot (still don't), while at Berklee I dropped my extracurriculars down to only Peer Advising, I didn't do any organized sports, didn't snowboard, didn't travel a whole lot - the list goes on.  I may have shifted a little too far the other way, but I'm okay with that.  I'm aware of it, and I'm realigning my life and my goals.  It's good.

I'm also realigning myself with a routine.  A consistent morning routine.  I haven't crafted it entirely yet, but it's there.  The seed has been planted, the sapling will grow as long as I water it.