Amy Mantis


Teach Everything You Know

I heard that in an Entrepreneur On Fire podcast this morning.  It's an idea that I take to heart as I do teach guitar and snowboarding.  I also share what little knowledge I have on sailing, skiing, paleo eating, music in general, mobility, health and wellness, history, tidying-up, performance, games, and I hope the list is longer than the above.

But I think I'm going to explore that a little more.  I love my private one-on-one guitar lessons, but that only allows for one person to (hopefully!) further develop their skills.  So, I don't know how frequently I will post lessons on something (guitar, music theory, guitar, other things), but I think, in an effort to help me become better at explaining things, I'm going to use this blog as a bit of a platform for teaching.  And I hope it helps you as well.