Amy Mantis


On Libraries

I have a small obsession with libraries.

Whenever I drive past one I get excited.  Whenever I'm in a library I am overjoyed.  There's something magical to me about being surrounded by books and knowledge.  And that it's all available to us.  There is almost nothing that can't be found in a library.

Still, I know so few people who actually use the libraries around us.  Boston and Massachusetts have two incredible systems: Boston Public Library and the Minuteman Library Network.  You would be hard-pressed to not find what you're looking for book-wise within either system.

What was that saying?  A library card is a passport to the world?  Who wouldn't want that?

Education is a gift, and I think that if we're fortunate enough to have access to a library, we should take full advantage of its infinite gifts to us.

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