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Thoughts on my latest Whole30 endeavor

I am on Day 29 of my third Whole30.  Technically it's my first Whole30 since the two previous times were laden with unknown forbidden foods.

I've been dabbling with paleo-eating since 2011, and I'm a believer in it.  I have no food allergies (other than two self-diagnosed allergies to pineapple and mango), I have never had any serious gastro-intestinal problems, I'm not overweight, and other than a plaguing case of mild acne, I have no auto-immune issues that I'm aware of.

Here are some things I've learned or noticed throughout this Whole30:

  1. Planning meals is not that hard. It's not. It takes maybe an hour and a half a week if diligent. The most time-consuming part for me was going to the store.
  2. If I keep a food journal, I eat less. I kept a journal for the first 18 days, then I stopped and while I remained within the Whole30 guidelines, I consumed too much nut butter.  That is a fact.
  3. It might be possible to eat too many sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. I could, and sometimes did, eat them at every meal.
  4. After you let go of breakfast having to be what it always was, your mornings open up. I probably had eggs 90% of the time, but I love eggs. If you don't love eggs, branch out. They encourage it.
  5. Some people will not stop asking why you do it even if the answer is "I like it."
  6. Buy the book for the recipes alone. There are so many delicious meals in the Whole30 book. My favorite is the Shepherd's Pie.
  7. The more veggies, the better. I'm going to do another one sometime this year and my goal will be to eat veggies (other than sweet potatoes) at each meal.
  8. Go easy on the nut butter. See number 2.
  9. The first time is probably the hardest. Even though I didn't do a truly compliant Whole30 the first time, it was definitely harder than this round.
  10. My goal wasn't weight loss, and that's good because I think I gained weight. THOSE SWEET POTATOES. And nut butter.
  11. Each time is different. My skin cleared up 100% last year when I was doing a Whole30. That didn't happen this time.
  12. I miss rice/sushi more than sweets. I really like eel, and I don't think eel sauce is compliant.
  13. Drink more water. My water intake has gone down since I lost my Nalgene. Even on my Whole30. I think I only drink water and tea anyway. Maybe juice when I'm out for breakfast.
  14. Incorporate exercise. I picked up a twice-a-week yoga habit and a daily walking habit, and it helped.
  15. Don't think about it so much. When I do my next Whole30, I'm going to give it a lot less constant thought. There were days where it was all I could think about, and I don't think that's a good thing. At first it will be in the forefront, but by day 12 or 13, it should take a backseat because it's a habit.
  16. Don't go crazy on Day 31. That's in the book, that's on the site, that's common knowledge. I went crazy one time and paid the price. The second time I went crazy about two weeks into it and paid the price even more.
  17. Remember it's for your own good, and maybe the good of others. I believe in inspiring others by example. Sure, changing your lifestyle isn't easy, but it's worth it. And you never know who you might help out in the process.

I was going to list out 30 things, but I think 17 is good.

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