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The Difference Between "Want To," "Will Do," and "Would Love To"

This idea occurred to me earlier this evening: there are many things I would love to do, but the chances of me doing them are remote.  I can't think of anything offhand (of course not), but I know I say "I would love to do [insert thing/activity here]" all the time.  Publicly, that is.  They are the things that sound good, but not the things that most people are willing to do.  Sometimes they're hard, and sometimes they're not seen to fruition because of my own inertia.  The latter is often the case.

Then there are the things I want to do.  I write those down.  I keep a running list of things I want to do.  Do I meet them often?  Mmm, that depends.  I do tell people the things, but not everyone.  It's my halfway.  I would love to - still got nothing.  But I want to go to Europe this summer.  I've mentioned it to people, and now I've mentioned it to everyone.  And it isn't hard to achieve.

Then there are the things I will do.  And these are a combination of would loves and want to dos, but there is a subtle difference.  I'm not doing the best at explaining it, but they are the things and goals that cause me to get the most excited.  That flip in my stomach or some other involuntary action - the will dos provide that.  It's a burst of joy.

And that's one thing I seek every day.
So I will do the things that give me that feeling.

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