Amy Mantis


So...About That...

I was supposed to write about how my scheduling went just before I went to LA to record.

Well, it went.  I wasn't the best at it.  I noticed that on days where I didn't teach, I did better with keeping things together.  I think that was because I felt less pressure around my tasks.  Weird.  Then when I was in LA, I did not keep to a schedule because I had no idea when I would be recording or eating dinner or getting home.

I'm on Day Three of my second Whole30 of 2016.  Between my trip to LA, going to Maine for a weekend, and then going to Austin, I needed a reset.  I'm also the type of person who needs limits, even self-imposed limits.  I, like Billy Joel, go to extremes.  I ate eight scones in less than 24 hours while I was in Austin.  Yup.  Eight.  On a Whole30 I will have zero scones.

I'm almost back into a routine.  I head back to LA in 20 days (!!) for the ASCAP I Create Music Expo.  And between now and then, I'd better get my act together.  Including things for the Expo.  Including a better upkeep of this blog.

I will be sharing my songs with you all in the near future.  And I'm excited about that.  I know I'm biased, but they sound real good.

This..has been a scattered post.  I'm gonna go now.