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Thoughts on throwing thoughts into the void

Sometimes I think no one is listening to anything in this world anymore, but then I remember that I listen, read, and watch all kinds of things, and that means someone else is, too. And maybe, just maybe, that someone else is going to stumble onto my music and onto my website and click on “Blog” and read this post.

So, if you’re that person, thank you. I appreciate you, and I appreciate you being here.

I also wonder about whether or not I “should” write a blog as a self-proclaimed rock and roller. But I think it has less to do with that proclamation and more to do with a general feeling of “is this worth doing/is my writing worth reading/does anybody care about what’s going on over here/shouldn’t I just let the music do the work.”

“Shouldn’t I just let the music do the work” is a viable option, but I know that if any artist I loved blogged regularly, I would eat it up. So in the spirit of that, this is a reminder from myself to myself to be here more. Be here more, be with my guitar and my band more, and exist in the world as I want to, not as I’m told I should be from the - what did Bill Maher call them? Oh right, friendly nerd gods.

It’s only music now.

(And direct lines. I will still use what the non-friendly nerd gods bestow upon us because some aspects of what I do regrettably require me to engage with those products, but I’ve taken all social media off of my phone and my laptop and put it exclusively on my iPad (thanks, Cal Newport). I may have to drop in once in a while on a browser for editing purposes, but beyond that, I’m living clean without it on the devices I use the most.)

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