Amy Mantis


A Little Bit About Songwriting

I’m still messing up one part of For Your Life.  I’ll get to a video soon though.  In the meantime, here’s my band:

That’s a song I wrote in May of 2011 called You Couldn’t Hold On.  It’s evolved a lot since then.  That might be my favorite part of writing songs - seeing where they end up months and years later.  It’s a magical process.

I try to write every day.  I put pen to paper every day, whether or not anything usable shows up is what makes me keep going back.  If I get something, then I want to see what happens the next day.  If I don’t get anything, then I want to come back the next day in order to get something.

That’s probably the bottom line of my explanation.

Funny, I always thought it’d be longer.

Top Five:

Led Zeppelin
Pearl Jam
Alicia Keys
Erykah Badu