Amy Mantis


August 4, 2013

This is not Led Zeppelin.  This is Lez Zeppelin.  They played in Natick about a month ago and I missed them.  I was sad.

"The Song Remains The Same" was never one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs by any means until earlier this year.  I owe it to this band for opening me up to the power of it.  I really owe it to Steph Paynes, the woman channeling Jimmy Page so hard on the guitar.  The whole band is super cool, but Steph takes the cake for me.  Probably because she can already do what I’m working on: every Led Zeppelin song, note for note.

It’s a slow quest for me at the moment.  I keep making excuses.  That’s not like me - to make excuses.  I’ve gotta stop that.

Enjoy the video.  Mine will be done in the near future.  Although I may not get to “The Song Remains The Same” until the winter.  I’m going in order.

That being said, back to guitar land.  Actually, I need to ice my hand then go back to guitar land.