Amy Mantis


Bringing It All Back Home

October 6, 2013

I’ve been struggling with this blog lately.

I want to talk about Bob Dylan.  I had the genius idea for the best ringtone ever: the whistle from “Highway 61 Revisited.”  It’s pretty great.

For years my favorite Dylan song was “Tangled Up In Blue” and my favorite album was Blood On The Tracks.  Well, that has since changed.

First of all, I realized that I don’t listen to Dylan enough.  I haven’t since high school.  I had a class on Bob Dylan my senior year.  No, really - it was called “Dylan” and we read Chronicles, watched No Direction Home, analyzed Dylan songs, and wrote essays inspired by Dylan.  It was the best.  I listened to Bob Dylan a lot prior to that class, during that class, and even after that class.  But then I slowed down.

Now I’m back.  And I remember why I was here in the first place.

I have a new favorite song and album: She Belongs To Me and Bringing It All Back Home.  Why?  She Belongs To Me stopped me dead in my tracks because I felt like Dylan was singing about me.  I even have an Egyptian ring.

And the album is just…good.  I would elaborate more, but I haven’t reanalyzed it yet.  However, if I were introducing someone to Dylan, I’d go with this album.