Amy Mantis


Canary’s latest single, Let Down Your Guard.  Download it for free!

This song was the first song I wrote specifically for Canary.  Prior to this song, things were different.  I wrote for myself with the intention of the band, but this was solely for the band, not for me.

Before Let Down Your Guard, I didn’t have an actual band.  Canary didn’t exist in the capacity it does now.  It’s been quite the journey - going from Canary being a moniker to Canary being a living, breathing, separate entity.  It’s no longer just mine - it’s the band’s, and I’d even go as far to say it belongs to the people who are no longer currently in Canary.  We wouldn’t be the band we are today if some people hadn’t come and gone.

I hope you enjoy the song.  We’ll have more for you very, very soon.