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Drum Restoration Part Two Of Many

Today's project was the floor tom.  Why?  Because I had started it the other night, and it needs a new leg.  I order supplies today and ordered everything except for the leg.  Oops.

I took off and polished all the lugs and the shell, and then put them all back on.  It was a very tedious process, but worth it.  Things needed to be polished.  Needed.

I probably won't do one tomorrow as I'll be spending the majority of my day out in the impending sunshine, but my goal is to have a functioning drum kit in the next 30 days.

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Drum Restoration Part One Of Many

Since most of my time over the next few weeks is going to be spent on polishing up (and completing) my new drum kit, I thought I ought to talk about that process.

I'm a guitarist by trade.  I've dabbled with drumming here and there and got a little bit serious a couple of years ago and bought a pad and sticks and created practice routines.  That, however, didn't stick (no pun intended).  I'd flirt with the pad once in a while but we had no serious romance going on.  My new/old Rogers kit, however, demands my attention because it's taking up the majority of the space in my room.

Here are things that need to be fixed:

-One floor tom leg
-One bass drum lug (I'm going to replace four of them so they match, and possibly all of them if I get really ambitious)
-Replace all heads - tops and bottoms (I might forego the bottoms all together)

That might be it as far as serious repairs go.  Everything needs to be polished, but that's not hard at all.

Things I still need to acquire:

-Crash cymbal
-Hi-hat stand
-Drum key (a wrench has been working great so far though)
-Spare sticks

...And I think that's it as well.  I will keep you posted (again, no pun intended) on how this goes as well as my foray into drumming (for real) itself.

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