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If You Don't Play

You can't win.

Earlier this year I decided to enter as many songwriting contests as I can find.  I used to be kind of averse to the contests.  Not because I don't believe in them, but because I felt that I was in a genre outside of them.  That genre is rock and roll, and I think of songwriting contests being geared toward every other genre but rock.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I hope I'm wrong because I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to win.

Isn't that the point of entering a contest?


Once in a while I'll repurpose a song.  It doesn't happen a whole lot.  Maybe because I think either it's good enough as it is or it's not good enough to use at all.  I'm probably wrong on both accounts most of the time.

Today a song I wrote with Alex (Hartley) three and a half years ago came into view.  I'm repurposing it, and it feels right.

This is more of a reminder to myself that I can do this, and probably should do it more.

Falling Off The Wagon

The most important part of falling off the wagon is getting back on the wagon.

My wagon right now is singing.  Or rather, maintaining a solid singing voice.  Mine goes fast without practice.  I'm about to find out exactly how fast since I've been slacking lately for no good reason.  Sure I could say I'm busy (true), but it's not like I don't have 15 minutes every day that I could dedicate to singing.  It's not like 15 minutes is that long, especially for something that matters this much to me.

Okay.  I'm done.  Time to sing.