Amy Mantis



July 30, 2013

I met a very interesting woman on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend.  She’s a friend of a friend.  Well, now she’s simply a friend.  Her name is Mara.  She lives in Vermont and she gave me a ride back to Boston yesterday.  She was heading back home after a month on Martha’s Vineyard.  I was there for about 84 hours and we were both sad to leave.

Alex, Canary’s keyboardist and my best friend, called me on our way back.  After our conversation I told Mara the saga of Canary in as few words as possible and expressed my thoughts on Berklee musicians tendencies to be very individualistic.  I told her I hated that aspect about most Berklee musicians and, before I could finish, she quickly chimed in, “[It’s because] you’re a collaborator.”

Bear in mind, this woman has known me for about two days now.  She’s very keen and seized me up quickly.

She finished my sentence for me.  She’s right.  I am a collaborator.  I love working with other people and I love more than anything else to be in a band because it’s everything I love in one place.  Music, people, having fun, creating something.  It’s perfect.  When done right, it’s perfect.