Amy Mantis


Delusional Exhaustion

January 21, 2013

(It’s really January 22, but that’s okay. Not that it has any relation but I’m the hero of the hour tonight.)

I’m in one of those states where I’m so tired that I forgot that I’m tired.  I have to be up in a few short hours so this’ll be quick.

This is a common state for many musicians.  It has some benefits, but I think the benefits are outweighed by the disadvantages of being in this state too often.  Eventually you collapse.  Sleep is the most important thing when it comes down to it.  I know I play better when I sleep well.  I do EVERYTHING BETTER when I sleep well.

You know the saying “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”?  I’m guessing the people who live by that statement will be sleeping for a long time compared to those who sleep when they need to sleep.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I go through phases of staying up ridiculously late (it is now 4:22AM here in Boston) and then revert back to a much healthier schedule.

I seriously need to stop writing and go to bed before I get mono for a third time.  Yes, a third time.  One of my 2013 goals is to not get mono - I’ve had it every year since 2009.