Amy Mantis


Fleetwood Mac Part One of Many

January 29, 2013

Today Fleetwood Mac released what may end up being my favorite deluxe edition of an album of all-time: the deluxe edition of Rumours.

Undoubtedly, Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands, and there’s nothing I love more than digging as deep into a catalogue of a band as I possibly can.  I’m listening to the fabled “Keep Me There,” which is an early version of “The Chain.”  The music is very similar and the infamous bass solo is there along with Lindsey’s epic guitar solo.

I didn’t realize how much I loved Fleetwood Mac until 2011.  I started listening to them in May of 2011 and during that time in my life Rumours was incredibly applicable on more than one level.  Band drama, boy drama, life drama - you get the idea.  I played it incessantly, and still do.  The band and Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut truly captured 11 magical moments - 12 if you count “Silver Spring,” arguably the greatest B-side of all-time.

What draws me (and countless others) to Rumours is - aside from everything - the honesty within the record.  I don’t think there’s a person on the planet that can’t relate to something on Rumours.

I promise I’ll continue this later.  But I’m listening to a demo take of “Oh Daddy” and I need to go write a song.  Thanks, Christine McVie.