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Fresh/New/Young Artists I'm Into and Inspired By

January 11, 2013

I couldn’t think of anything else.  So here we go.

My favorite music is classic rock.  I’ll never deny it.  That being said, I love tons of new music.  Like the following:

Filligar | | Favorite Songs: Knock Yourself Out, Money On The Dark Horse, Health, Nightfall

Filligar is one of my favorite bands out there today.  I saw them at the KAH-BANG Festival in Bangor, Maine in 2011.  I only caught a song and a half or so and I loved every second of it.  I emailed them about a month later and we’ve been friends since.  They’re the only band I’ve seen in four separate states.  I went to CMJ for two reasons this year.  Filligar was one of those reasons (the other was the Outlaw Roadshow by Ryan Spaulding).

Filligaris a band of brothers - Johnny, Teddy, and Pete Mathias - and their friend Casey Gibson. They’re from Chicago. They flat out rock. And roll. If they come anywhere near you, go see them. I seriously considered skipping Berklee’s Commencement Concert, the big concert where the honorary doctorate recipients are, well, honored, with students playing their music. Except I was one of the guitarists for the Commencement Concert.  So I kind of had to be there.

Fortunately Filligar played a second show in Boston the day of Graduation.  So that night, when most of my friends were celebrating with each other and getting ridiculously drunk, I went to Somerville by myself to see Filligar.  I don’t say that for sympathy - I say that to show you my priorities.

HAIM | | Favorite Songs: Don’t Save Me (that’s all for now)

I stumbled across HAIM when I was looking for blogs that might like Canary. Their song Don’t Save Me is AMAZING. I listen to it all the time. All. The. Time.

To keep with the family theme, HAIM is a band of sisters from Los Angeles and they’ve generated a huge and well-deserved buzz since they released this song.  They recently opened for Florence + the Machine and are on the cover of NME.  Supposedly they’re compared to Fleetwood Mac a lot.  I don’t hear the Mac at all, and I’m a diehard Mac fan.  I hear vocals inspired by Chrissie Hynde on top of..I’m not sure what.  Really good stuff, that’s what.  I’m eager to see them live.  And play with them.  We would get along well.

Dawes | | Favorite Songs: A Little Bit Of Everything, Coming Back To A Man, My Girl To Me, When My Time Comes

At this point, Dawes really isn’t a new band.  They are young and fresh (and overdue for new music).  Alex and I saw them on their last tour and they were awesome.  Taylor Goldsmith is a phenomenal songwriter.  Every word counts to him.  He’s far more meticulous than I am, and he always starts with a title.  We’re opposites!  If you’re not hip to Dawes, get hip.

Oh, and this just happened - this is also a band of brothers.  Half of it is anyway.  Taylor (guitar/vocals/chief songwriter) and Griffin (drums/vocals).  I swear this isn’t intentional.

I guess I’ll stop with those three for now.  Why are they inspirational?  Here’s why:

- They’re all young.  I think the oldest person in any of these bands is 26.  Maybe 25 (I’m looking at you, Teddy, Pete, and Casey)
- Their music is new and exciting but has one foot in the past.  They all honor what came before them.
- They’re accessible.  Well, at least the guys in Filligar are.  Guys, if you read this, we gotta do a show/tour together soon!
- They seem to be breaking via the “new paradigm” of blogs, social media, and touring. And word of mouth.  And in Dawes’s case, Bob Lefsetz.
- They’re not hiding anything.

And neither am I.