Amy Mantis


Genre Jumping (Kind Of)

April 15, 2013 12:37AM

About a week ago, Alex and I were discussing the sound of Canary.  We recently wrote a song called “Who’s Laughing Now” and it has a ton of really cool elements from a lot of our bluesier heroes.  It’s riff based, it’s pretty rockin’, and it kicks a lot of ass if I may say so myself.  A friend of ours said we should write more songs like that.  We both agreed which lead him to saying we should define the sound of the band more.

I’ve almost always described Canary as a cross between Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac.  Sometimes I throw the Who in there or the Stones because I worship both (of the two, we definitely lean more towards the Stones than the Who but I can pinpoint several Pete Townshend inspired songs).  Two of my absolute biggest influences are Zep and the Mac.  Zep came early (2004), the Mac came much later (2011 - I know).  Alex went on to say we should aim to write more riff-based bluesy songs.

Sound familiar?  That’s pretty much the first thing I think of when I think of Zep.  Also, the very first song I ever wrote specifically for Canary (“Let Down Your Guard”) is just that: a riff-based bluesy song.

As for the Mac side of things, that’s represented just as much in how we formed as a band as it is in the sound.  Rumours is my favorite album of all time and we have several songs that show that.  We have multiple writers and soon we’ll have multiple singers.  Hence, Fleetwood Mac.

We started working on a tune of mine tonight that is pretty folky and kind of country.  But we’re a rock n roll band!  We can’t!

No.  We can do that because we’re a rock n roll band.  It’s all in the attitude.  Ask Jimmy Page.  While I’m all for writing more riff-based bluesy songs (because that’s what I do in general), I’m also equally interested in keeping the balance.  Which actually makes everything that much more interesting.

You will hear these songs I’m talking about soon.