Amy Mantis


House Shows and Moving Up the Ladder

March 3, 2013

I’ll write twice today since I blatantly missed yesterday for no reason other than I was caught up in my own stupid world.

I was at a house show last night.  I only caught one band - Mojo Kick.  They’re awesome and we’re playing a show with them and the Stone Foxes in a month.  Anyway.

The bands played in the basement.  It was great.  The sound was really good and the place was packed.

But it got me thinking about how many people I know who wouldn’t want to do that.  It’s part of the game.  We’ve done house shows.  I want to do more house shows.  There’s a crowd, there are drinks, and they’re a lot of fun.  So what if it’s a dingy dirty basement?  Those sweaty moments are invaluable.  They might not seem it at the time, but the people at those shows remember those sweaty moments.