Amy Mantis


"If you do it now,

March 6, 2013

you won’t have to do it later.”

That’s the quote of the week on the schedule of the family that I’ve been living with.  It’s my quote.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to say it, but that’s okay.

I live with kids.  Like actual kids - not 22 year old kids like me.  For the past seven weeks I’ve been living with a family of five in Boston.  It’s been great.  They’re amazing.  And there are three kids all under the age of 12.

I swear there’s a point to this.

The kids are three of the worst procrastinators I have ever seen.  Especially the oldest one.  I keep trying to tell these three wonderful, smart, and awesome kids that if they do their homework right when they get home, they can have the rest of the day free.  But it doesn’t seem to stick.

Same goes with people who aren’t in school and don’t have homework in the traditional sense.

If you practice now, you won’t have to do it later.  Well, you will, but you know what I mean.
If you make that phone call now, you won’t have to do it later.
If you sell five tickets now, those are five tickets you won’t have to sell later.

The list is endless.

Think about it.  And implement it into your life.  I’d be willing to bet (and I’m a gambling woman) that you’d feel better and be far more productive.

If you do it now, you won’t have to do it later.