Amy Mantis


I'm Part of the Problem

July 30, 2013

I missed a few days.  Allow me to make up for that.

I spent the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard.  It might be my new favorite place.  It’s amazing.

The people there are so friendly there (I’m still kicking myself for not talking to the cute guy at the coffee shop for a bit longer)!  Part of it’s because they’re almost all on vacation and having a good time.  Why wouldn’t they be friendly?  Very few people there are walking around with headphones on.  They’re almost all talking to someone.

I had a ride back to Boston (well, almost all the way back - usually I take the bus).  My friend dropped me off in Newton and I took the T back into Boston from Riverside.  The first thing I noticed was that no one was talking to each other.  Including myself.  I put my headphones on and looked around to see nearly everyone did the same.

Even as I was doing it, I was thinking, “Why aren’t people talking?”

So I took them off at Kenmore and I met a really nice guy.  It’s a shame that we only had two stops to talk.

I’ll probably still wear my headphones in Boston.  I like to listen to music, in case it wasn’t obvious.  But I’m going to make a conscious effort to not wear them as much because I’m missing out some really fantastic people.

We all are.