Amy Mantis


Inspiration and A Weakness

I found this gem of a song and video on YouTube last night.  Gregg Allman’s “Come and Go Blues”.  It moved me.  Big time.

I’ve been a fan of the Allman Brothers since I was introduced to them by a teacher in high school.  When I was 15, Mr. Roberge let me borrow his CDs.  He introduced me to Little Feat, Marshall Tucker, and he consciously made me aware of the Allman Brothers among many other bands.  He also let me borrow several Rolling Stones compilations (Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks and possibly more).  I had forgotten about that until just now.  Thanks, Mr. Roberge!  Although I doubt he will ever read this.

Anyway.  The Allman Brothers.  While I was introduced to them by Mr. Roberge seven years ago, it wasn’t until maybe a year ago that I really got into them.  A teacher I’m close to from Berklee is the real reason why I’m so into them now.  He mentioned that they were one of his favorite bands once and I thought, I better get into them.  So I did and I’m so glad I did.  To the point where I have “Amy’s Allmans” as a Spotify playlist, devoured Gregg Allman’s biography, and Canary covers “Whipping Post.”  Last night my sister informed me that she met and has Gregg Allman’s autograph.  She said she met one of them.  Once I told her Duane was dead she realized that she did, in fact, meet Gregg Allman.

So that song.  I heard it and instantly needed to play it.  One of my weaker areas of playing is independent finger-picking (that’s not the proper name).  I can fingerpick all day, but I can’t get my fingers to truly be independent from my thumb and vice versa.  In order to play that song, I need to be able to do that.  In order to play that song and countless others (see every acoustic Fleetwood Mac song - although I can manage to get through all of "Big Love" except one part of the solo), I need to get my fingers to be independent of my thumb.

Time to get to work.