Amy Mantis


Lessons Learned

April 29, 2013 9:06PM

Yesterday Canary had a show in Burlington, Vermont.  We all fell in love with Burlington almost instantly.  Vermont, I totally get it now.  I always knew it was a great place, but now i’ve experienced it.  I totally get it.

We played at Club Metronome over at Nectar’s.  Great club, great people. I highly recommend hitting it up if you’re ever in Burlington.  We played a solid set, but we did a few things wrong on the non-playing side of things.


We didn’t promote enough.  In fact, we didn’t promote at all really.  There were a few posters around town and some tweets here and there, but we didn’t do enough of anything.  Burlington is a college town.  We should have gotten in touch with the college radios and newspapers.  We should have sent posters to them.

Another thing we should have and easily could have done was busk.  That was Roddy’s idea.  We were walking down Church Street and he commented on how perfect a place it was to busk.  That’s going on the must-do list.  We have nothing to lose with busking.

It was a Sunday.

And we don’t know anyone in Burlington.  We have no draw, and it was a Sunday.  If it had been an acoustic outdoor show (food for thought for the future) we probably would have had a pretty good turn out.  Instead 99% of the audience were the members of the other bands - hats off to them for supporting us.  Mojo Kick, Strange Changes, and Juice.  And thanks to Lance Tobin of LT-Live for putting everything together.

But again, Sunday night - not an ideal night.  I get it, trust me.  This was our first time in Burlington, we have no draw, we’re not gonna get a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

I had a third point, but it escapes me.

So we’ll go with this: do everything you can.  We could have made last night’s show a great night if we had put a little more effort into it.  Things don’t just happen.  People make things happen.  Yes, great music sells itself, but sometimes you gotta give it a little push.