Amy Mantis


Mark Knopfler

September 15, 2013

I own and love a Mark Knopfler signature Stratocaster.  His name is Big Red, and we are practically inseparable.  I love that guitar more than I can possibly say.

I didn’t buy it because of Mark Knopfler.  When I got it, I didn’t even know who Mark was.  I quickly familiarized myself with Mark and Dire Straits and I was impressed.  I wasn’t a huge fan initially.  It took a solid two or three years before I really liked Mark and appreciated him.  His style of playing is so unique and I didn’t get it until I tried to do it.  It’s not easy.

Even more than his exceptional guitar skills, his songwriting speaks to me on a level I never expected.  Both the Dire Straits catalog and his solo material.  I’m particularly fond of Sailing To Philadelphia.  ”Prairie Wedding” is one of the most amazing songs and if Bruce Springsteen were to ever call on a co-writer for a Tom Joad-esque album, Mark Knopfler should be his first call.  God that would be a magnificent combination.

I’m a huge fan of rock history.  I was looking Mark up on Wikipedia and I discovered that he has a degree in English from Leeds and was a teacher for a number of years in London.  How cool is that!?  It shows in his writing.  Kind of like Kris Kristofferson studying philosophy at Oxford, it shows.